May 29, 2005

A worker, a slacker, a blogger but no programmer..

4 days without blogging, how can this be! Well there are a few reasons, but I shall attribute it 90% to the fact that I have been spending day after day on getting up early for work, and going to sleep soon after getting home every evening. I've lost count of the shifts I've taken in a row now, but my lovely boss spoke to me last Friday and told me that she'd ask someone else to work for me on Monday, so I will get a day off tomorrow, which will be nice, for eventhough I love my job, I could use a day off.

Apart from that not much is new, since (believe it or not), not that many adventurous incidents take place in the life of a person whose time consists pretty much entirely of work and sleep. I did, however (with a ridiculous amount of help from the extremely patient David, aka Rishon-Rishon) manage to update my profile! That took me very long, since I don't even know the basics of html, and this new website is far more difficult to handle.
I am still waiting for the time when my shifts will change and I'll have time to do the things that all those superbloggers out there do, such as take a bunch of gorgeous and interesting photos of my surroundings & daily life and upload them to my site. But for the time being, I guess I might continue slacking a bit, or at least from time to time..

Oh and by the way: The British man who came to Iceland with the passport holding teddy googled me, found my website and e-mailed me! How funny is that?!

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What did he google for, "Hatshepsut"? :)

Btw, why do you call yourself that? I'm trying my best not to call you Hattie(I have a nagging suspicion you wouldn't approve of that).

Posted by: Fluffster at May 30, 2005 12:44 AM Permalink

I guess he typed something like 'Hatshepsut blog". Many of the American readers call me 'Hat'. Call me Hattie and you're a dead man...

Posted by: Maria at May 30, 2005 09:24 AM Permalink