June 08, 2005

The world's most 'kosher' MC

Separated at birth?
50shekel.bmp pig.bmp

Am I being a little harsh here? I certainly do not mean to make any negative statements about Christianity. But I must confess that it caught my attention that a public figure who has based his career on stressing his 'Jewishness', now greets readers with bits of the New Testament upon entering his website.
So to quote Israellycool's Dave: 'The world's most kosher MC is no more kosher than a ham sandwhich'.

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Hello Maria

I wanted to tell you about a very interesting blogsite by an Iranian girl.


I encourage everyone to check it out!

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I hope all is well with you and your family. Ya, 50 Shek is a moron. I don't care for his Jewish sellout make-a-profit on Hannukah and Jay-Z style. I think he lives a few miles up the road from me. If I see him I will be sure to call him out.

Best to you, dear,

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