June 15, 2005

The king's clothes

For the last few days I have been doing a lot of thinking, and absolutely no writing at all. It appears as though I have been incapable of writing down what I have been contemplating. Lately I have been giving the reality of disengagement more and more thought, and it seems that I am certainly not the only one. We are all hearing news about how the opposition to the disengagement procedure as well as feelings of doubt is rising among the Israeli public. I suspect that people are beginning to come a step closer to realise what is really taking place. An excellent analogy came from Tel Aviv protesters when they said "The king has no clothes".
Last night before I went to sleep I was horrified to suddenly somehow, although only partly 'grasp' how people will actually be taken out of their rightful homes by force, and never permitted to return.

Posted by Maria at June 15, 2005 12:02 AM
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It is quite upsetting. If this were done to any other group of people there would be loud shouts of protest; but it is done to Jews by the Jewish state with the encouragment and at the behest of the sole superpower, the USA. It is overwhelming at times, emotionally. I can't understand why...I really can't. There are no promises that we will receive peace from this. If anything there is bound to be more terrorism. What can one do at this point but pray?

Posted by: Rachel Ann at June 15, 2005 02:05 PM Permalink

I was surprised how little you wrote about the Disengagement so far. As you know, I don't share all your views, and I certainly support evacuation of Gaza on certain terms. I've just come to realize that these temrs are not fulfilled. Actually I was very much in favor of the Disengagement when it was first mentioned, and I can hardly remember why. I only remember that Arafat was alive and that there was a series of incidents where soldiers were killed in Gaza - including the horrific scenes where soldiers had to dig in the dirt searching for their friends' bodies. Anyway now I don't see how a complete pullout from Gaza will improve this situation. And I certainly don't see how a pullout will strengthen the moderates in the PA.

I'm just getting more and more worried, like many other people. But there is nothing to be done as Israel (Sharon) is committed to this process. During the last year the Disengagement is the only thing everyone talk about, but the goverment doesn't bother to explain why is it good and what will happen the day after. The most troubling thing is that I'm beginning to believe those who say that the Disengagement came so as to divert attention from Sharon's corruptions. A short time ago I would say that this is a ridiculous theory, but I'm afraid it's starting to look more and more reasonable.

Posted by: Orly at June 16, 2005 01:51 PM Permalink

Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it. You explain your opinions very well, and it's great to get your perspective.

Posted by: Maria at June 17, 2005 12:20 AM Permalink

Rachel Ann: added you to my blogroll :)

Posted by: Maria at June 17, 2005 01:27 AM Permalink