July 15, 2005

Just wasn't meant to be?

I don't get hit on a lot. Infact, sometimes I wonder if men think I look frightening. Like I might bark at them or physically injure them. I don't count the times when I get hit on by someone who is not my type (I admit that there is almost nobody in Iceland who fits into the category of "my type"). Not that those guys hit on me a lot either.
Today I felt like a complete shit.
The manifestation of "my type" walked into my shop. A tall (not a requirement though), dark, French (but still really charming and good looking) guy with dark brown curly hair (my biggest weakness). After hanging out there for ages (with me trying not to stare at him), he started flirting. He wasn't one of those tacky French men. He was shy and sweet, and his face even got red when I looked at him. After this had gone on for a while, I could very easily have asked him what he was doing that evening. But what did ingenious Maria instead choose to say? "Well it was nice talking to you, bye". His face got red again. He smiled and left.

And as if there weren't enough for one day..
Later that evening a really cute, dark guy came, and we started talking. When I realised that he was also flirting. I thought to myself "hmm Maria, you're popular today". I also had that case made, but what did I do?? I ended that conversation with "okay, so you're buying this, well okay thank you!".
I took a quick look at this credit card. The cute, dark guy was an Israeli. He smiled as he walked out.

I stood there for about 10 minutes thinking about how I will most certainly die alone.

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You won't. I'd say you're in the right track, just wait and see.

Posted by: jsoffer at July 15, 2005 09:21 AM Permalink

If that happened to me, I would immediately re-start the conversation with him in Hebrew and give him another chance to pick me up.

But what do I know, I'm still single.

Posted by: miki at July 15, 2005 12:25 PM Permalink

hmm, I fail to see your logic.

Posted by: Maria at July 15, 2005 12:26 PM Permalink

Dying alone has its good point. It’ll be the last time that you can chastise yourself.

Posted by: Scott#1 at July 15, 2005 01:09 PM Permalink


I have felt like that yesterday in the Underground: Close to me a gorgeus blonde was reading a book on astronomy. I did´t want to look as a psycho, and she didn´t show any interest, so I said nothing.

But for me, there is an small point of poetic justice: We, men, feel the same lots of times, so when you see a woman having the same feeling...
...well, it is symmetric.

That preference for Mediterraneans is a mistake: at 40 we all look like Saul Mofaz.

Posted by: Kantor at July 16, 2005 12:31 AM Permalink

Kantor: "That preference for Mediterraneans is a mistake: at 40 we all look like Saul Mofaz"

LOL so true, sooo true! I won't deny the fact that I have almost never seen a good looking Israeli man older than 40! But here there are tons..
But I can't help it. And besides, I can always get some fresh meat when I'm 40, since I'LL still look good! :-)

Posted by: Maria at July 16, 2005 01:25 AM Permalink

He, I failed to see logic myself a half an hour later of writing it.

I think I meant that normally there should always be a couple of people around that are both your type (even if you don't quite know) and willing to correspond (even if not right away...); but one doesn't always manages their own signals correctly or even notices. The world is large and, I want to think, kind of well ballanced. Then, if you noticed and "activated" two on a day, then what you need to do is to see what you did right and start doing it more often; the first couple times it's supposed to be a bit of a surprise and is supposed to fail anyway.

Or probably I was meaning something completely different and forgot, but this makes a bit of sense.

Posted by: jsoffer at July 16, 2005 02:20 AM Permalink

Hey, you were not supposed to agree!

But the main issue is that we don´t take care of ourselves. On top of that, the losening of hair is more prevalent, and, instead of solving it getting rid of all the hair, my fellow Spaniards don´t give up, and never cut it totally.

Posted by: Kantor at July 16, 2005 01:12 PM Permalink

jsoffer: "what I did right"? Heh I could write an essay about how it isn't customary to flirt in Iceland while sober. But I won't! I sometimes get hit on by American tourists though. Trust me I do nothing to encourage it. I just exist.

Kantor: I'm sorry, but it's common knowledge that the darker the skin, the worse you age. But don't worry. Just find yourself a gorgeous Scandinavian while you're still young and good looking. But remember that the clock is ticking ;)
Btw, when will you start blogging in English?

Posted by: Maria at July 16, 2005 01:49 PM Permalink


Blogging in English? Well, I am thinking about it. My style in English is not bad,but in Spanish I am far better.There is a trade-off, between the number of readers and the quality of the text.

Anyway, Spanish-speakers are one third of the West...

And my "Disengagement posts" in English were not very apreciated...specially by you :-)

Posted by: Kantor at July 16, 2005 05:33 PM Permalink

"I just exist."

Oh well, I don't mean doing something explicit; it's a bit hard to explain, it's just that some, uh, states of existence are more proper to get along with the right people.

Posted by: jsoffer at July 16, 2005 07:38 PM Permalink