July 30, 2005

Blogs are shaping contemporary culture

I just read this article about blogging. None of it came as a surprise, but it somehow gives you a feeling a satisfaction to see what you've already known for a long time published by other people.
But what this article also discusses, is that blogs are giving people a new way of receiving information. This is exactly why pro-Israel blogs are needed.

Everyone's Blogging

CEOs have them. Struggling artists have them. They're Web logs and they're changing the way people get information. Do you have one?

When CBS News went public last year with what it thought was evidence that President Bush had shirked his National Guard duty, it seemed that no amount of White House spin could hold off the scandal dogs. But a group of largely nameless, faceless so-called bloggers took up the defense and quickly began posting online dispatches questioning the authenticity of documents CBS used for its story. The rest, of course, is history. Bush was reelected; several CBS employees were shown the door.

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