August 09, 2005


A conversation with my dear old granny yesterday:

Grandma: When will you be graduating?
Maria: Next spring
Grandma: What are you going to do after you graduate? (She's asked me this a million times before, but she's almost 80..).
Maria: Go to Israel to study.
Grandma: Israel, ISRAEL. Oh dear Lord, ohh you'll be killed, kiiilled! They will blow you up.
Maria: It's highly unlikely.
Grandma: But Israel is very dangerous.
Maria: Several other countries are just as dangerous, except you'd be in danger of getting shot, stabbed or mugged instead.
Grandma: Well, I am not leaving this country! It's best to just stay here so I won't be blown up, shot, stabbed and robbed!
Maria: So you think it's better to stay here and die of boredom?
Grandma: Well dying of boredom.. That isn't good. But, if you get shot, it'll happen so fast you won't even have time to be bored!

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