August 15, 2005

Bad times, very bad

I can't say I'm "taking this very well". Like all of you, I've known it was coming, but I'm still in some sort of a state of shock. I spent last night watching images from the 1982 evacuation of Sinai, which has been on my mind a lot lately.

I don't only feel for Israel, for making such a terrible mistake, and for the settlers, for losing their homes.. But also for the soldiers who have no choice other than to carry out such a mission.

Where does 'giving everything up for peace' take you? As I have pointed out earlier, the answer goes something like: This

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I was going to ask how you are doing. Well, I'm sure that not good, but anyway, I'm glad you wrote something.

I'm not in shock, but I am more and more surprised of how painful this thing is. It would have been painful even if I was sure that the Disengagement would lead to peace, but probably not as much as it is in this weird situation.

I don't know what exactly you have seen by now. I saw a few hours of live TV this morning. In all cases the settlers showed no hostility to the soldiers and officers and only talked to them by applying to their feelings. I think it was quite a dignified behaviour, and of course I hope this will continue to be the way, but it is still VERY hard for the soldiers. Actually, I think this situation is much harder than handling with a violent situation, because then it's easy not to empathize with the demonstrators. Really I think the soldiers are in an impossible situation, but is it reasonable to expect all the settlers to evacuate on their own without any protest?

It is probably possible to write more and more things, but I think it will take time untill we truly understand what has happened here.

Really I feel bad. I remember very well how I was happy for the Palestinians celebrating after the Oslo agreement, though I had my doubts (I mean: Arafat? Peace agreement? It was very sudden). Now it is so much beyond doubts, that I'm afraid seeing Palestinians happy will only increase my fears. How sad is this.

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Very sad.

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The withdrawal may have some advantages. It will allow the IDF a shorter, stronger, more coherent line of defense. Armed forces in the past have been defeated by over extending themselves.
For the assets left behind, chances are that the Pals will fight over them.
Another thing that the Pals may not realize is that as they build up their assets and infrastructure, if there is no peace, these can be flattened in a hurry. They want a deep sea port and an airport? More easy targets if need be. The pals will be setting up their own hostages for peace, wether they like it or not.
I don't think that Sharon or any other leader will mellow with age.

Posted by: Harry at August 15, 2005 06:29 PM Permalink

I must say that alltough I am pro this plan,
I see no logic in going out of Nisanit, aley sinai,
or actually all the settelments in the north of Gaza strip which resides near the border.

And I am very sad that they are the ones that are allready gone.

This is the mistake in that plan;
The rest is blessed.

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Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that not everything doen by the government has any logic, and that Sharon is far from being a genius. Just as a little example: Starting the evacuation right after Tisha B'Av - What the hell was he thinking??

Has anyone seen Sharon's speech? I was SHOCKED by how bad he looked. At least 10 years older than usual, disengaged from his own words, lacking any of the determination and sense of humor he used to have. On top of that - this was a taped speech given to the media by Sharon's office. I'm afraid our PM is ill.

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Well Orly I think we've long established the fact that Sharon is no genius. I have decided I'm not even gonna TRY to understand what on earth he's thinking (and I'm not just talking about evacuation after the fast).

I didn't see the speach, since I live in Iceland, and don't watch television, but I have also had similar thoughts about his health. I think he has big issues, both physical and mental.

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