August 29, 2005

Sorry about not blogging...

I haven't stopped blogging, really, I haven't!
The truth of the matter is that I am, and have been, working like a dog. I've basically just been working every single day, all day, all the time. And I shall continue to do so for several more days..
I was dying to express myself after the disengagement. The reaction of Abu Mazen and the Arab world had me depressed for several days. My mind was constantly filled with these incredibly evil thoughts about dancing on Sharon's grave, and similar things. I thought it would be best if I didn't say much (since I don't want everyone to know what an awful person I am), and I didn't have the time. I just read the online news during quiet times at work. After a few days of depression and intense anger, I "magically" became more optimistic. I thought to myself:
"Hey, this is Israel we're talking about. In Israel, shit happens. It's always been like that, it will always be like that. Bad shit happens, but sooner or later, Israel is gonna get some of the good stuff as well".
In other words.. Someday, whether it will be while I am still alive or not, Israel will get back their land. There will always be fighting, problems, hatred.. sure, at least to some extent. But there will be better times. The battle isn't lost forever. Not at all.

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