September 11, 2005

Why don't they just call it "Arafat-day", while they're at it

Like it just never happened?

Tony Blair is apparently being urged to cancel Holocaust Day in England.

Committee recommends canceling British Holocaust Day, says it offends Muslims

Advisors appointed by British Prime Minister Tony Blair after the London bombings have proposed to cancel Holocaust Memorial Day, claiming it is offensive to the Muslim community, The Sunday Times reports.

While Blair has yet to respond to the proposal, the idea prompted a harsh response from the Jewish community.

According to the proposal, Holocaust Day would be replaced with Genocide Day, which would recognize the mass murder of Muslims in Palestine, Chechnya and Bosnia as well as people of other faiths, the Times said.

The committee of advisors said the special status of Holocaust Day encourages a sense of alienation among extremists, as the day "excludes" Muslims.

I certainly have thoughts on this, but instead of commenting personally I've decided to post some of the comments that other readers wrote on Ynet's newssite:

Holocaust days does not exclude Moslems

They are as much part of Holocaust day as the Germans

Ilan , Ariel
Abu Mazen's Paper on the Holocaust

Didn't Abu Mazen (Mahmood Abbas) once write a thesis that the Holocaust never happened, and is a hoax to gain sympathy for Jews? Apparently, Prime Minister Tony Blair agrees with that.

Johnny Weintraub , Sugar Land, Texas

Does the history offend people when it's only to stating facts?

I don't care if some people feel sad or guilty. We have our own history, and we shouldn't rewrite it just because it's not convenient for some (extremist) muslims.
Yes, some Muslims were collaborators with Hitler, like Jerusalem's Imam Husseini... Others were strong opponents and refused to sacrify its own jewish citizens, like Morrocan King Mohammed 5th z"l who was under french (collaborator ) occupation.

Why don't they ask for a new remembering day? There were many other genocides, in Rwanda, Armenia, but NOT based on religious, but ethnical parameters.

These people are just interested by cancelling the Jewish comemoration, and have hatred motivations. This means it's just a racist objective; it should and must be condemned for that.
yoel , Switzerland (Maria's comment: PJ, is this your Joel??)

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