October 07, 2005

From terrorist to activist.. and Mata Hari

Essay-time. Again. Nothing works better than an essay to encourage me to do silly and pointless things I'd otherwise never even consider doing. This morning I spent over an hour on reading the biography of Mata Hari. Just to do something else than to study. I convinced myself that I really, definitely, need to know the details of what exactly happened to that Dutch erotic dancer during WW1...

Bringing things a little closer to contemporary times.. This article kind of freaked me out (recommended reading). Interesting how things one has already known for a long time can feel like a punch in the gut, just because somebody says them outloud. Ain't it?

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I know what you mean...my destraction is to start reading all the books in my bookshelves that have been lying there for years but on doing so I always discover that somehow I seem to have read the first twenty pages several times in all of them...I wonder why?

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Just want to tell you my father is 80 yrs today. It's a miracle he lived to see this day. When he was liberated from KZ (I don't know which camp he was in then), everybody thought he'd die soon. When he was still alive after a few days, someone told him "Dich wird der Teufel nie holen" (=The devil will never come to fetch you). He spent 11 years in hospital after the war, because of tuberculosis.

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Torbjörn: Send a Grattis/Mazal tov greeting to your father from me!

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