October 17, 2005

Talk talk :-)

Yes yes, I know I have not been blogging.. but my thoughts have been with this blog (and its readers), really! During my 10 days of net-silence the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur took place. Tonight at sunset yet another begins, Sukkot.
Now, I realise that these statements are neither surprising, nor written in an articulate, witty or interesting way. But I figured I had to mention them before proceeding to the banal little details of my every day events, that yet manage to capture so much of my thoughts, emotions and energy..
I am currently in one of my university's computer labs. Interestingly enough, I've always been annoyed by people who occupy computers to do 'useless' things like blog, or read about football.
Some of the people in the lab are noisy. Accross from where I am sitting, there is a group of (what I am guessing is) medical students, looking up information online, discussing things excitedly. A guy and a girl are having a stupid discussion about 'the situation in the Middle East'. The girl is short, with brown hair, pale skin, glasses. She looks like the most exotic place she's ever visited in her life would be something like Sweden. That is how she looks when she allows the baloney to flow out of her mouth as she says something like: "The Palestinians. I can really understand them, feel for them you know. I mean I can really sympathise".
It makes me think of how intensely contradictive things can be, when I compare a trivial, and yet very human incident that occurred last night as I was sitting in a car with Shlomi. We were both tired, sleepy and quiet, on our way home. Then on the radio news we heard a story of Israelis having been killed that day. Another tragedy sadder than words can describe. And yet there is nothing to do but swallow the bitter pill, again.
Shlomi said nothing. A serious look and silence for a moment. Then after a while he simply looked at me with a little smile, and told me he thinks I look beautiful. And what else is there to do, but to rejoice in what one has?


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Maria, I don't thihk this was your (or her) intention, but your description of the girl in the lab and her quote sounded to me really parodic and funny.

Then you reminded me about the shooting attack from... Sunday. Yes, though I was really sad to hear about it, I've already forgot it. This is the reality, for most of us.

By the way, since it's a Mitzvah to rejoice in Sukkot, the families do not make a formal Shiva. They had to return from the funerals and start celebrating the holiday...

Posted by: Orly at October 18, 2005 06:32 PM Permalink

I did indeed mean to describe her as 'parodic and funny.

Posted by: Maria at October 19, 2005 12:29 PM Permalink