October 21, 2005

On this day 1986.. (minus 1 day)

I got this idea this morning when I was at the gym. The radio is always on at the gym, but those who turn it on for some reason always like to listen to a radio station that doesn't play much music, and instead has all these 'daily topic discussions'. One of them is called "On this day",- meaning that events are mentioned that took place on this same day, only another year. So, I figured that I myself could add this to my blog as an occasional feature.
So, the events that took place on this day (minus 1 day) have to do with one of my least favorite people: You guessed it!
Indeed it was on this day that Mordechai Vanunu was reported missing, after having been seduced by a female Mossad agent going by the name "Cindy", but whose real name was Cheryl Hanin.
I will try to hold back my desire to smacktalk this guy too much (incredible how tireless I am where this is concerned), but I cannot resist briefly mentioning a few points, such as this article from BBC News (gotta love 'em):

Vanunu wanted to avert holocaust

"I felt it was not about betraying; it was about reporting. It was about saving Israel from a new holocaust."

In the interview for the BBC's This World programme, Mr Vanunu said he had no regrets over his actions."

Interesting that he would sacrifice so much for Israel, considering the fact that sources seem to strongly indicate that his sympathies mainly lie elsewhere:

"Mr Vanunu, who was born in Morocco, moved to Israel with his family in 1963 and spent almost 10 years working at the Dimona plant.

He came to the attention of the Israeli authorities for his affiliation to a group called Movement for the Advancement of Peace and his alleged sympathies for the Palestinians.

He was sacked from Dimona and set off round the world, arriving in Sydney, Australia, where he was befriended by Rev McKnight and converted to Christianity."

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Vanunu....Man I can't stand that guy. And to think, he was supposedlt in the running to receive the Nobel Peace Prize!

Anyway, came across this article in the Wall Street Journal today and thought you might find it interesting. Heck, even its subtitle is engaging.

"How did the Palestinians descend into barbarism?"


If you have trouble accessing the link let me know.

Posted by: adam at October 22, 2005 11:33 PM Permalink

Oh! And here's one on Noam Chomsky!


Posted by: adam at October 22, 2005 11:37 PM Permalink

The beautiful Mossad agent bringing the revenge of Israel to the traitor. Such a biblical thing...

Judith, Esther, Deborah... lots of femme fatales in the Bible.

Posted by: Kantor at October 23, 2005 09:56 PM Permalink

Adam: thanks, I'll check it out!

Kantor: True! :-)

Posted by: Maria at October 24, 2005 03:37 PM Permalink