October 31, 2005

Airport security here I come!

Lazy lazy blogger... (Me, for the record).
Where do I even start this post? I have been, and am (as always), very busy. It seems unreal how quickly time passes, and before we know it there's nothing left. I just need a greater amount of hours a day than 24 hours, I'm afraid.

A lot of things have happened lately, but they are mostly minor things concerning my studies, work or family, or the endless amusement it gives me to experience my boyfriend, Shlomi (with whom I am now living), making an effort to adapt to Icelandic culture & customs. I sometimes feel as though I'm on a bit of an "Anthropologist's field research", which certainly helps me remember why I chose this subject in the first place.
What makes the situation far more interesting, and what has got every bone in my body participating in the excitement, is the fact that our situation is soon about to turn around. For indeed, I am going to Israel next Sunday!!
I will unfortunately only be able to stay there for 6 days, since I need to get back to school, but every day will be carefully planned. On the first day, I will be attending a big Jewish wedding, the wedding of Shlomi's cousin. After he described the process of a Jewish wedding to me, I had a slight shock, and said he could forget it, that I wasn't going (but then I later changed my mind). I am used to "Icelandic wedding behavior", which is very very calm, quiet, civilized and quick! So eating and dancing until midnight?! I have decided to be "the weird foreigner in the corner"! But hey who knows, maybe a little of that Israeli craziness, is just what the doctor prescribed for this girl, who sits and types while listening to yet another snowstorm outside the window.

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Sounds like gorgeous blessings to me. All the best to u in Israel, Maria.

Posted by: Max L at November 1, 2005 12:38 AM Permalink

Is there any chance that you can give us live updates from Israel?

Posted by: EdWonk at November 1, 2005 05:50 AM Permalink

!!! ברוכה הבאה

B'rukha Haba'a !!!

Posted by: David Boxenhorn at November 1, 2005 10:27 AM Permalink

I envy you! I myself had to turn down an offer (about a month ago) to go to Jerusalem for a seminar in December all-expenses-paid. It just didn't work out, having two children and a girlfriend with a full time job. Have a nice stay!

Posted by: Torbjörn Karfunkel at November 1, 2005 11:13 AM Permalink

Next Sunday??? Wow! Gee! Will you arrive to Haifa? Email me an if you wanna meet. However, I will understand if in 6 days you won't have the time to meet all your friends in Israel... You have to be in a Jewish wedding... :-D :-D "Dancing till midnight"... Darling, in Israel people go out at 2am. Not that I understand why.

Guess it's not a religious wedding. Hope that it's a Sepharadi weddding, because let's face it, Ashkenazis don't know how to have a good time.

Anyway ENJOY!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! :-))

Posted by: Orly at November 1, 2005 06:33 PM Permalink

PS I am sadly an Ashkenazi.

Posted by: Orly at November 1, 2005 06:36 PM Permalink

No pressure here... but there is one person you kinda blew off the last time you were here [looks around and whistles]. Any chance you could squeeze in a cup of coffee? We could even meet you in Jerusalem one evening.

Posted by: David at November 1, 2005 07:05 PM Permalink

Max: Thank you :)

Wonk: Ehrm, hardly!

Torbjörn: What a pity you couldn't make it!

Orly: "Ashkenazis don't know how to have a good time". Hehe if you say so. I might stay in touch if I decide on a trip to Haifa.

David: I would *love* to meet you and your family if it will be possible. Lets see how it goes!

Posted by: Maria at November 3, 2005 11:01 PM Permalink

Have a blast!

Posted by: Alice at November 5, 2005 06:06 PM Permalink

Welcome! Anything I can do to help, let me know.

Posted by: ExpatEgghead at November 8, 2005 12:58 AM Permalink