February 28, 2006


I couldn't resist posting the breathtaking photos Orly took of the "Wildlife of the Hula Walley." Absolutely amazing and highly recommended.
She had this to say about the images:

Cranes and Other Residents of Lake Agmon - Hula Valley

The Hula Valley in Northern Israel is a major stopping point for 500,000,000 birds of 390 species migrating between Eurasia and Africa. In winter the valley is home to tens of thousands of cranes. The photos have been taken with a Canon S2 IS.


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Hello Maria!! Nice to hear from you and know you are doing ok!! I only saw your guestbook message now because there is some kind of a bug with guestbook entries from non-Premium members.

Thanks for not resisting :-) Lake Agmon is really fantastic and with the tour inside the crane area, it was much easier taking shots than I had imagined. It's definitely a must visit (except in summer). Isn't it surprising that there are so many amazing places in Israel that are not as famous as they should be?

Anyway, take care and dash to Shlomi.


Posted by: Orly at March 1, 2006 12:23 PM Permalink

Very impressing. They have spring and here winter returned.

Posted by: Juebe at March 1, 2006 03:23 PM Permalink

You've been tagged!

Posted by: Yael K at March 3, 2006 02:49 PM Permalink

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