April 28, 2005

Narrating bloggers

Since I have exam reading these days I have little time to spend on my blog (although I would neglect pretty much anything for this obsession-called-internet). Also I see that fellow bloggers are doing such an excellent job (as usual, except for David Treppenwitz though, he's slacking!) describing current events.
But I did want to mention one thing that crossed my mind while reading Gilly's blog. I have never met Gilly, but I am very well aware of the fact that he is born and bred in London, and according to David Treppenwitz (who has met him), he sounds like "a narrator for the BBC".
Now I don't know about the rest of you (again, except for Treppenwitz who calls them "voices in his head"), but I always, always narrate while reading blogs, and often the accents/voices I hear in my head make little sense. The only voices I've actually heard are those of the following:

Lisa: A Canadian with a very sophisticated and personalised way of speaking. It's really contagious.
She can speak really fast in Hebrew by the way.

My Obiter Dicta (Jeffrey): He speaks really fast and I actually sometimes had problems keeping up. (He and Lisa both speak in virtually unaccented Hebrew, which is unusual for anglo-Israeli adults).

Treppenwitz: Has the kind of voice that has a really calming effect on you. It has crossed my mind that David should have become a dentist. I think that might have worked out quite well!

However, apart from that it's left to my imagination, so I decided to share with you how I 'narrate' some of my regular reads (in my head, of course).


Geviha Ben Pesisa: American accent spoken fast, with an extensive vocabulary.

Hasidic Gentile: I don't narrate. But you are no Brit to me!

Israel Midnight Café: This is the mystery man, but I'm guessing you speak almost exactly with a typical American accent. (Until recently I sort of narrated with a British accent, though). And I'm also guessing you're not bad looking. It's just a guess.
Israellycool: American accent, in an excited tone of voice (and yes I know you're Australian).

Neither here nor there: British all the wayyy

Nice Jewish Boy: Super-American accent with slang and stuff

Not a Fish: Now you see this is weird. Don't you speak with a British accent? I narrate with more of an American..

Oleh Girl: Why do you sound like a "cowboy girl" in my head??

Reb Lazer's Shtibble: Oh well I've watched interviews, and you sounded different from what I would have thought!

Rishon Rishon: Good & educated language, soft voice speaking quitely (I could be way off here with the latter)

yiddishe-kop: Serious American girl who speaks calmly 

But then the question remains. How do you all narrate me? Come on, lets hear it..

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Just dropping by to say "Welcome to Munuvia, Maria!" :D

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East coast American. Not like New Yoahk or Bahstahn, though. The King's English peppered with the occasional ebonics, Spanish (Mexican style and accent), and sesquipedalian melliloquence. Never Shakespearean.

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It's that time again

My day has consisted of the following events:
Getting up early, doing the laundry, making dinner for this day and the next (so I won't have to take precious time away from studying tomorrow to cook), having breakfast, making coffee and then studying for the next 11 hours with few and short breaks, while drinking ridiculous and extremely unhealthy amounts of coffee.
You guessed it, exam period has started. So until May 6th (along with an essay deadline set for the 17th), I shall not be blogging much (unless I'll be slacking, but considering the tight schedual I certainly hope I won't).
I hope to 'see' you all again after I'm done!

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The Christian Icelandic Zionists

Today I received a newsletter from the "Zion Friends of Israel", which consist of Icelandic, Christian zionists. While I am not a member and have paid no attention to their work, I have always been aware of their existence. The newsletter I received (much to my surprise) caused me to visit their website. While the "Icelandic Zionists" have a somewhat different approach from me in the sense that their emphasis on Christianity is obvious, I am certainly impressed to see how this website (as was their excellent newsletter) is informative, useful and clearly created by someone who knows and truly cares.

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Well, there seems to be no official announcement up yet. Which makes ne wonder how Ted got the scoop on the new batch of Munuvians. (I'm guessing that it was the automated blogroll...?) Anywho, I've been perusing the Munubies. Give...

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Ha! Found you, Maria, you slippery vixen! Someone I know just got a mu.nu blog, which led me to Muniviana, which led me here. Statistics and probablities have conspired. Let me know if you're having any problems with Movable Type.

And yeah, all friends of Zion must be appreciated, whatever the stripe of their affinities.

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Welcome, Maria, to Munuviana! (Also? Velkommin til Munuviana!) (Maðurinn min er Islenskur :)

Good luck with exams!!!

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I like your new digs. Trackback is definately an attractive feature.

Will you be making a full-blown move soon?

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